Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Four Months, Mungry

Dear Julia:

This last month has been amazing. In the last four plus weeks you went from that baby that sleeps all the time to that baby that is desperate to move, chew, and experience everything. I don't know how you do it, but when I leave you on your blanket on the floor and turn my back for even a minute you are never in the same spot I left you in (and usually you're not even on the blanket anymore).

Hunter is starting to actually believe me when I tell him that he is going to have to start picking up his toys more because if he doesn't you'll eat them. I think it may have something to do with the number you did on his Ninja Turtle when we took you for your immunizations, but it could also be because lately you've been putting anything and everything you can reach into your mouth. Though you do seem to have a special affection for things that are soft like blankets, stuffies, and dresses.

I never used to understand why people used bibs on their babies before they started eating but I'm starting to get it now... you've kind of been like a faucet these past few weeks but then again, who needs bibs when you wear a dress, right? That has got to be my favourite thing that you do right now, chewing on the bottom of your dresses. It's like you're saying "oh that is what all this extra frill is for." It's especially funny when Daddy picks you up, feels the dampness, worries there has been some sort of diaper explosion, sniffs you and determines all is well (I guess the bubbling around your mouth doesn't always immediately give it away).

You are now sleeping like one of those babies that you hear about but never really think exist. You go to bed at around 8pm and don't wake up until Dad gets up for work! Admittedly, he gets up for work at 5am but still, I think it's pretty amazing. And the best part is that you wake up in the most wonderful way with beautiful smiles and bright eyes. You rock your cradle to let us know you're up and if that doesn't work you may those kkr kkr sounds. And only when that doesn't work do you let out the smallest of cries. I'm afraid it's looking like we have two morning people in our family but it's really hard not to be okay with it when we get to wake up to your smiles and Hunter's cheerful good mornings.

Words can't really capture how much we love you or how much you've added to our lives. Our hearts felt full before you came but they have grown (kind of like how the grinches heart grows three sizes that day) because sometimes when I look at you I feel so much joy I could burst (especially when I look at you and your little legs and arms start kicking in excitement and your face explodes into smiles). Hunter has also started saying he would like to be a Dad when he grows up (a jet flying, ninja Dad with 16 kids) and I'm pretty sure that's his way of saying his life is much, much, much better with you in it. Love you my little Mungry.


Nancy said...

awwww....wanna trade? Just kiddin'!!!!

Mandy said...

oh this just sooooooooo brought back teary memories of when brianna was born (dont' get me wrong, i absolutely love the boys too, but girls just do something to melt your heart don't they!)

Chantelle said...

Beautiful pics! Let's get together soon!