Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rivetting, Just Rivetting

Eee! I'm ridiculously excited about an appliance. This may be a sign that I need to get out more (just maybe). I ordered this three days ago. I've wanted one for so long and have been so disciplined about not buying one up until now. But this one? This one came with a free ice cream making attachment that really made it completely irresistible (yes, it is just what I need). Besides, my Mum has had her Oster since the 1980s so I'm sure I will have this long enough for it to pay for itself. That's why I went with black even though I really like the red ones: I figure black is the kind of colour that will survive the years and various kitchens I may have (and white just wasn't me). Since ordering it, I've been checking the website daily (okay three or four times a day) to see where exactly it is and how soon it will get to me - see, my touch of OCD manifests itself everywhere. So far, the thing has made it to ready to be shipped status and should be here by Monday. Very exciting stuff!


Mandy said...

i LOVE my kitchenaid mixmaster!
it LIVES on the countertop I'm so proud of it and in love with it.
It does NOT get hidden in any cupboards! It deserves its rightful spot on display for all to say its just so wonderful!

Nancy said...

I got one for Christmas (courtesy of AFIL). I also love mine. The girls and I have used it tons (before...when I had a kitchen....and a stove). When I send pics I will send you one of my black beauty.