Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Immunize Me

Yesterday the kids both had their immunizations. I thought I was being brilliant getting it all over with in one appointment - Hunter would go first so that he wouldn't make himself nervous while Julia had her needles, Julia wouldn't know the difference, and if they had fevers they'd both be sick at the same time so that I wouldn't get nagged about going to the park with a screaming, feverish child. I still don't think it was a terrible idea...

The immunization for a four year old is definitely a lot more interesting than the immunization for the almost four month old. When Julia is four years old, I am going to try to remember that the health nurses ask her the questions not me. Given this nugget, immunization day is probably not the best day to allow eggos for breakfast (especially when the question about what you had for breakfast follows a conversation about how little sweets the child is allowed). I'm going to have to remember to teach her to stop drop and roll when her clothes are on imaginary fire so that she doesn't suggest blowing them out like candles or using them to light candles as an appropriate reaction. And I'm definitely going to remember to have her immunization in the winter so that she doesn't arrive banged up from falling numerous times at the park, or covered in mosquito bites. On the up side, Hunter's honesty about how often he brushes his teeth, has a bath, how high he can count, his alphabet, what he drinks, and how he would most definitely hand a lighter over to his Dad was good. He weighs 39 pounds, is 42 inches tall (which is apparently good) and he took both needles like a trooper, ignoring the distraction attempts and instead watching the stuff enter his arm with great fascination.

Julia aced all of her tests (admittedly, they were a lot easier since she didn't have to think on the spot about how she might react if her clothes were on fire since her bad parents never taught her). She weighs 12lbs 4oz and is just over 23 inches tall so is growing just as she should. She did not take her needle like a trooper - she cried in disbelief that I would hold her down while those people hurt her, what kind of mother am I? She did calm relatively quickly, though.

Last night the kids were both doing great but around 5am this morning we awoke to screams of "I can't move my arms, I can't move my arms!" I used to think babies being sick was the worst because they can't verbalize how they feel or understand what is happening but now I'm not so sure - there was real terror in Hunter's voice this morning and he definitely couldn't see the logic in doing the chicken dance (exercising his arms) when he was in excruciating pain. Next, he turned white, got sick, and insisted on sleeping in the bathroom (to this I can relate). We gave him some motrin and by 10am he seemed to be back to normal. So much so that I was feeling guilty for not suggesting I bring him to Lisa's after lunch.

After lunch, we took a guilt-fueled trip to the park. It was packed. Apparently there was some kind of field trip, so when Hunter sat down and watched instead of jumping right in I figured he was just overwhelmed. A few minutes later, I noticed that it had nothing to do with being overwhelmed or shy because he was once again as white as a ghost. We quickly headed home where he fell asleep shortly after and when he awoke he seemed to be fine again. Within an hour of waking up, though, he was feverish and lethargic again so I gave him more motrin and phoned the health nurse to make sure there wasn't anything else I should be doing (I knew there wasn't but I was feeling helpless and wanted to feel like I was doing everything possible). By supper time he was fine again and still is (crossing my fingers because the worst part of today may have been that it kept seeming like he was better). Luckily, Julia has just had a mild fever all day (exactly what I expected them both to have). I cannot imagine today if they both had the reactions Hunter had. I definitely would not have thought the double immunization was brilliant because there is really nothing worse than a sick child except for two sick children.

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Mandy said...

I can and cannot really relate to the whole immunizations things. I can because I only knew being a parent meant immunizing your kids, and had Brandon immunized, and being a nurse the first year or two, immunize your kids I rallied like a nazi on speed!
Then with the other two, I just sort of wafered and never did get either one of them immunized for anything, they're quite fine. I honestly can't say if it has anything to do with the ingredients of the products or if I was just too damn lazy to be bothered!
Its so true what they say in jest...the first child gets all the photo ops of every first and other candid moment in life, the second gets a lot too, but not quite as much, the third, well, where was he just a moment ago...wait a second I know the HOSPITAL took a picture of him when he was born...didn't they? Oh right, I had to get home to get groceries before the others starved and left before he was six hours old...lmao...
i've become a statistic!